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Edmonton, AB, Canada

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Hey there! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I am an Undergraduate Fourth Year student at the University of Alberta. My major is Computing Science.
Ever since I was a little kid, I was interested in Computers. When I was younger, I was absolutely fascinated by computers and software, and later I came to learn more about hardware and how computers work, this conformed my belief that this is what I wanted to study at college.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I have a passion for problem-solving, and you'll often find me immersed in the world of competitive programming on LeetCode. It's not just a hobby; it's a delightful challenge that I embrace with enthusiasm. Explore my LeetCode profile here to see some of my latest activity.

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I am currently enrolled in the Science Internship Program (co-op) at my university, which allows me to work full-time for 4, 8, 12 or 16 months. The classes I have taken and the projects I have worked on cover a realm of Computer Science fields, from App Development and Web Development to Databases and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Now, I am looking forward to gaining practical experience where I can apply the Computer Science knowledge I have gained into real-world applications.


University of Alberta

September 2020 - April 2025

Bachelor of Science Specialization - Computing Science

Delhi Public School

2006 - 2020

Central Board of Secondary Education of India


Ericsson Inc.

Septemer 2023 - April 2024

As an SDE Intern at Ericsson, I am involved in two significant projects:
- Data Manipulation with Python and PostgreSQL: Developed and optimized Python scripts for data extraction and transformation from 50+ radio towers; improved PostgreSQL database performance by 30%; designed and implemented custom data visualization tools for stakeholder analysis.
- Web Dev with Flask/FastAPI and EDS: Engineered and maintained 10+ web applications using Flask/FastAPI; integrated Ericsson Design System (EDS) to enhance UI/UX, achieving 95% consistency across platforms.

City of Edmonton

January 2023 - August 2023

As an SDE Intern in the Network Operations team, I was responsible for the following:
- Network Operations Automation: Developed automation scripts that reduced manual networking tasks by 40%, significantly improving operational efficiency.
- Network Data Manipulation: Engineered tools to manipulate and process network data files, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility for the team.

University of Alberta

January 2022 - August 2022

I worked as a Teaching Assistant for CMPUT 175 - Introduction to Foundations of Computing II.
- Conducted lab sessions every week and assisted students in one on one and small group setting.
- Assisted teaching staff in designing the course.

Kuwait Oil Company

June 2019 - August 2019

I have worked as an IT Intern at Kuwait Oil Company receiving practical knowledge on Database and Server Hardware, Cloud Computing, ITIL and ISO Standards, Operating Systems & Computer Networks. For a term of one week, I had also assisted at the Service Desk of the IT Department of Diyar United Company to help clients by troubleshooting their issues.

general skills

python 90%

java 80%

flutter 90%

SQL 80%

assembly 60%

c 70%

git 80%

microsoft office & google suite 90%

My projects_



Developed a mobile application (using Flutter & Firebase) to ease the queuing system at hospitals.
Includes appointment (scheduling, rescheduling, deleting) and video call features.
This application was developed as part of Kuwait Foundation of Advanced Sciences (KFAS)'s Virtual Hackathon.
As Team MacBytes, we stood in the top 5 teams (out of 40+ who were selected to participate) to the final round.

Used stack:

  • flutter
  • firebase
Source Code & Documentation

Smart Eye

Used AI to develop an assistive device for visually impaired people called 'The Smart Eye' which can reduce their dependence on others in terms of mobility.
Detects and recognizes objects in the field of view of the user. Uses CloudSight API for image recognition.

Used technologies:

  • python
  • cloudsight API
  • raspberry pi
Prototype Demo Participation in MakerFaire,

COVID Tracker

Python program that tracks COVID cases.
Uses an open source API: covid19api.com.

Used stack:

  • python
Source code

Smart Weather Application

Displays the weather of a city (inputted by the user).
Uses an open source API from openweathermap.org
This application was made using Java.

Used stack:

  • java
Source code

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